You have dreams and goals for your business and your life.

You work hard, but are you getting the results you want?

Do you think your business should be further along by now?

Do you wonder if you are focusing on the right things for the current stage of your business?

Mastering anything requires you to continually sharpen your skills. All great athletes have a team of advisers from the beginning of their career until they retire. Mastering business and leadership is no different. If you want to excel you need a team of advisers.
A Business Adviser will help you hone your leadership, management, and operational skills, as well as, your problem solving and decision-making skills.
Working with a Business Adviser will help you gain clarity, avoid distractions, and overcome fears and mindset issues that hold you back from being the phenomenal business owner you know you can be. 

Benefits of working with a Business Adviser

Develop a strategic plan that supports your life and your business.

Know exactly how you are going to structure and grow your business.

Know what to work on and when to work on it.

Gain self-awareness about the choices you are making and what you need to do differently to influence the growth of your business.

Ability to make decisions faster and instinctively know what is best for your business.

There’s no confusion about whether you should accept or reject an opportunity.

A partner to brainstorm ideas that is objective and offers a different point of view.

Help objectively measuring your progress.

Have someone that will hold you accountable to your plans and goals, so you stay on path to your desired destination in life.


A strategic plan is not a set formula that all businesses “must” follow.  You are unique, and your business is unique.  You decide how your business will operate and your business adviser shows you how that can be accomplished more efficiently.

A business adviser should not “tell” you what you have to do.  Instead they should help build on your strengths and recognize and improve weakness in the seven key areas of business.

The Process

As a 30 Elephants Business Advisory client, you will work directly with Tracy Hurt.  Your partnership with Tracy is a mix of mentoring, coaching and consulting.  She uses coaching methods to help you purposefully design and build a business that creates the life you want, plus she provides thirty years of entrepreneurial experience and resources when you need them.

Initially, you will go through an interview process where you create a clear vision of where you want your business to be, the values you want to live by and an understanding of why you are struggling to achieve your vision.

Next, we take a hard, objective look at where your business is today compared to where you want to be.  We look at areas where your business needs to be stronger and what skills you need to develop as an entrepreneur to grow your business.

Then we develop a clear, measurable strategic plan, with actionable steps and a timeline for achievement.

During weekly Advisory Sessions, we evaluate your progress, measure your results and determine solutions for areas where you are struggling by providing advice and resources.

Additionally, we will look at opportunities or issues that may arise as you move forward, and we will fine-tune the action steps of your strategic plan to take advantage of these situations.

You will repeatedly hear Tracy say:

Vision, Plan, Execute, Measure, Repeat!

Is This Right For You?

An Entrepreneurial Business Adviser is ideal for people that are committed to building a successful, thriving business that supports and enables the life they want to live.

Is that you?

Are you ready to:
Increase profitability?
Develop a strategic growth plan?
Improve your marketing and audience selection?
Implement systems that get more done in less time?
Develop yourself as the leader of your business?

Then sign-up for a FREE, no-obligation Introductory Business Advisory Session Today!

Introduce us to your business.  Share your concerns and desires.  Discover more about us and how we can assist you in designing and building your remarkable business.